CotY Awards

About the CotY Awards.
The NARI of Diablo Valley Chapter of NARI Congratulates Members for Showing Excellence in Remodeling

Residential Kitchen Over $150,000
Gordon Reese Design Build,
Walnut Creek CA

Residential Bath Over $100,000
Dorene Gomez Interiors,
Clayton CA
with team member DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen, Walnut Creek, CA

Commercial Exterior and Commercial Specialty and Residential Landscape Design/ Outdoor Living $100,000 to $250,000
DPG Pavers and Design, Inc., Oakely CA

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The prestigious CotY (Contractor of the Year) Awards are presented each year by NARI National to NARI members who have demonstrated outstanding work through their remodeling projects.
All projects will be submitted via our online entry platform.   Entering the CotY Awards has never been easier!


Winning a local, regional or national CotY Awards gives you a great reason to reach out to
your local media and remind them of your speriority in the marketplace. 
 NARI assists by providing a press release template and a media list.

Raise Awareness Among Your Current and Prospective Clients
Remind your current and past clients how good you are at your profession by notifying them of your award. Include award information
in your sales calls to increase credibility with prospective clients, and feature photos of your winning project at local home shows, on your website or through social media channels.

Boost Morale in your Company
Winning a CotY Award gives everyone in your company a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Earn Certification Scholarships
All CotY winners will be awarded partial scholarships applicable toward new certification fees. All Regional and National CotY-winning companies (team members included) will be able to help offset staff members' new certification costs.
Regional winners will receive a $100 scholarship. National winners will receive an additional $50 scholarship.

Green Recognition
The Green Project Recognition Program is available to all CotY entrants. 
Participants meeting specified criteria based on the CotY category entered will be recognized for meeting green standards, regardless of CotY winning status.
Green standards cover an array of items, including site design, home performance, insulation and air sealing, lighting, material selection and more.

Universal Design Recognition
The Universal Design Project Recognition Program is available to all CotY entrants. Participants meeting
specified criteria based on the CotY category entered will be recognized for meeting Universal Design
standards regardless of CotY winning status. With the launch of this program, the existing Residential Universal Design category
will be retired, thereby allowing entrants the opportunity to enter into the appropriate category as well and obtain recognition for universal design work.
Univeral Design standards cover an array of items that fcous on accessibility, such as wider, low or no threshold doorways; lower

countertops; main rooms on main floor, curbless showers; slip resistant flooring material; lighting outlets and switches: use of ergonomic handles and more. 

The NARI CotY Awards program is available to all contractor members in good standing.  Supplier/vendor members can also participate with entrants as Team Members.