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NARI of Diablo Valley Commercial/Video

Check Out the NARI of Diablo Valley Commercial!

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Upcoming Events

Las Vegas Convention Center February 19-21, 2019

International Builders Show

Kitchen and Bath Industry Show

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Welcome New Members

The Perfect Packer
Suzanne Puhlman

Precision Cabinets
Jessica Jovan

Brady O'Connor

DB2Contractors, Inc
Dave Brady

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Savings for Members

Members Only! NARI Savings Center — Register to Save!              

NARI members now have access to these exclusive FREE discounts & more at Office Depot. Save up to 80% off 95,000 items | Office products, ink & toner, paper, cleaning/breakroom & more!

Additional savings include:

Discounted Copy/Print Services | B&W: 2.5¢ | Color: 22¢ and Next Day Delivery |FREE on orders over $50.

Members Log to the NARI National website to sign up to take advange of these savings! 

Members Receive More Benefits With NARI BuildingBucks

NARI members who enroll in NARI BuildingBucks™ receive more benefits than if they went to EnerBank direct, including:

High Approval Rate — typically 4/5 customers are approved for a loan

Quick and easy applications for customers via mobile app, web, or phone

Get paid quickly — usually the same day via ACH transfer

Unsecured Loans Up to $75K

Reduce Discounting Learn More or contact Cindy Foley, cfoley@nari.org with any questions.

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You’ve worked hard to maintain the highest standards in the industry. Now is the time to gain the professional recognition you deserve.

 Is your January project calendar a bit light?

 Seize this opportunity to pursue NARI Certification by enrolling in 1 of the 5 NARI Certification preparatory courses and study groups.

The time and financial investment will result in valuable dividends:

Improved skill set for increased profitability

Validation as an experienced and vetted remodeling professional

Client trust and more closed business

Pursuing NARI Certification confirms your expertise while exposing you to industry best practices.

Resolve to increase your professionalism in 2019 by enrolling in NARI Certification today.

Project Management & Universal Design Online Course

Did you know the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median earnings for certified professionals are 25% higher than those of their non-certified counterparts?

 NARI Certification is a worthwhile investment in your career.

 Check out these case studies of professionals who have achieved their certifications.

Certified Remodeling Project Manager (CRPM)
Online Course Starts February 20, 2019

The Certified Remodeling Project Manager (CRPM) online course will develop your knowledge in the fundamentals of managing remodeling projects.

The CRPM online course serves as a preparatory course for CRPM Certification.


Additional NARI Certification Online Study Groups in 2019

Certified Lead Carpenter (CLC) - Starts March 14

Have questions about NARI Certification or the online certification study groups and courses?

Contact Plamena Todorova at ptodorova@nari.org or at 847.298.9200

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NARI of Diablo Valley
Newsletter Publishing Information
The NARI of Diablo Valley Newsletter is published monthly by the Diablo Valley Chapter of NARI, Inc.   Copyright 2019.  All rights reserved.  Statements of fact and opinion contained herein are the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily of the options or agreement of the Editor, Board of Directors, staff or membership of NARI of Diablo Valley.
responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily of the options or agreement of the Editor, Board of Directors, staff or membership of NARI of Diablo Valley.
 Comments/Questions: Please send an email to: chapterexec@naridiablovalley.org.  Thank you for your continued support.
Christine Cummings-Walters
Executive Director
NARI of Diablo Valley

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