May 19, 2020 Networking Zoom Mixer Event

May 19, 2020
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
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Please join us for the May 19, 2020 Zoom Meeting Event.
We ask that you please pre-register and pay for this event.  
The afternoon of this event, the zoom meeting link will be emailed to you. 
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The May event is hosted by member:


Educational Presentation/Presenter Information

Joseph Baker, Founder

[email protected]


Many businesses waste precious marketing dollars on tactics and strategies that simply don’t yield a return.

In this learning experience, we will discover the top 3 proven ways that customers trust brands, resulting in a transaction.

Let's pull back the curtain and discover how your customers actually think, and how you can help them achieve their goals.


BBSI started as a staffing company in 1972, and evolved into a Professional Employer Organization. Over time, they saw that they could make a much bigger impact for their clients by facilitating different conversations with business owners. Helping them see what they couldn’t see before is what drives BBSI. So, they changed the way they do business. Today, they stand shoulder-to-shoulder with business owners and are relentless in their pursuit of their success.  

Did you know 70% of businesses fail before their 10th anniversary?  But not on their watch.

The road to the company they become was not a straight shot. They know what it took to adapt and grow not just because they had seen it with their clients, but because they lived it themselves. They made mistakes along the way, but they are better for them. Their ability to stay curious has helped them navigate some tough turns and gain valuable insights. Now, they take everything they have learned and use it to help other businesses be better, too. website

ABOUT...baker media

If you are struggling to reach your revenue goals, you are likely not creating enough desire for your products or services.
That is what marketing is… creating desire.

At Baker Media, they understand this problem. They help businesses like yours create desire, so you can close deals.

ABOUT.......Owner Joseph Baker
Joseph is the Founder of Baker Media, a marketing agency based in San Ramon, California.
Joseph is a marketing consultant, event producer, speaker, copywriter, and videographer.
He works with businesses to help them increase sales using powerful marketing collateral and compelling live event production.


6:00pm -8:00pm Networking, Educational Presentation, Wrap Up

For more information please contact:
Christine Cummings- Walters by e-mail at: [email protected]


$15.00 Member - Zoom Meeting

$15.00 Non-Member Zoom Meeting

$15.00 Member - Zoom Meeting