Membership - Pricing, How to Join, and the Application Process

Thank you for your interest in NARI of Diablo Valley!

You have taken an important step in meeting the challenges that professional remodeler's face in today's demanding business environment. Membership in a national association signifies excellence!

 NARI provides numerous programs, products and services from which members can benefit. We offer certification and education programs, workshops and seminars, consumer awareness campaigns, e-newsletter, award recognition programs, group buying programs, insurance programs and more.

Please visit the NARI National website .   The National website has a detailed overview of what NARI is and what it offers to members and consumers and most importantly how it can benefit your business.

The Cost to Join NARI of Diablo Valley


The cost to join the Diablo Chapter of NARI is $499.00 a year with a one-time only registration fee of $50.00.

 The total due along with a completed application is $549.00 for the first year of membership. 

Membership is renewed on an annual basis and is $499.00 per year.

At the Chapter level we offer monthly educational/networking/dinner events. The cost to attend an event as a member is $35.00 for each event. This is paid only if you attend an event.

How to Join NARI of Diablo Valley

Join NARI of Diablo Valley  by completing our membership application.

Payment can be made for your membership with your credit card or debit card over the telephone,

 or a check can be mailed.  


The Process - What Happens Next? 

1.The membership application is received and reviewed by the Chapter Executive Director. 

**Applicants must have a valid, current contractors licence and all required Insurance (if a Contractor).**

2. Then the application is presented to the Board of Directors for final approval

  3. Lastly, the information is forwarded to NARI National to complete processing of the membership

NARI National will send to the chapter the new members certificate as well as information pertaining to the membership.  

This is presented to the new member at the next monthly Networking Dinner Mixer. 

  At that time, the new member is given the opportunity to tell everyone in attendance (average attendance at a networking dinner mixer is 60 to 70 members/guests) about themselves and their business.

How often do you get a chance to promote your business in front of 70 people at one time?

Membership Application


        NARI Contractors are "Recommendation Engines"

Who have substantial influence on brand choice of Homeowners and Subcontractors



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