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  • 29 Sep 2016
  • 11:00 AM
  • 29 Sep 2025
  • 8:00 PM
  • New Membership Dues


  • Franchise Membership Fee of $300.00

    One time only Administrative Fee of $50.00

    Total to join today is $350.00.
  • Regular Primary Membership is $499.00.

    One time only Administrative fee is $50.00

    Total cost to join today is $549.00
  • If you belong to another NARI chapter, you qualify for a Secondary Membership of $300.00 plus a one time Administrative Fee of $50.00.

    Total cost to join today is $350.00.


                                     The Diablo Valley chapter of NARI welcomes you!


                                                Fees to join can be paid here.

                     The members dues are determined by the type of membership held.                                 If you are not sure which membership is for you please contact the

              Chapter Executive Director, Christine Cummings-Walters at 925-759-5237

                                     or by e-mail at


                                                  Membership Types are:

Regular/Primary Membership  $499.00

(Diablo Valley is the first chapter in which

 membership will be held)

Plus one-time administrative fee of $50.00

Secondary Membership $349.00

(secondary means you are a member of another NARI chapter and Diablo Valley is NOT your regular/primary chapter)

Plus one-time administrative fee of $50.00

Franchise Membership $349.00

Plus one-time administrative fee of $50.00


        NARI Contractors are "Recommendation Engines"

Who have substantial influence on brand choice of Homeowners and Subcontractors



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